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IDEA | Spring clean your mind, body and soul – Fae Dunphy

IDEA | Spring clean your mind, body and soul


Those gloomy Winter days are over, my friends. And guess what? Beautiful Summer is on the horizon. It’s time to give our minds, bodies and souls a good ol’ spring clean.


During those Winter months, it’s so very typical to let negative thoughts clutter your mind. For me, when stress levels are running high I used to let it engulf every aspect of my life. Stress used to make me feel anxious, paranoid, overwhelmed, ugly, useless, rubbish at my job etc etc etc… The list could go on.


Since discovering that small lifestyle and mindset changes could play a huge part in improving on my self-sabotage, I’ve become obsessed with my own (and everybody else’s) human behaviour. Good job I work for a human behaviour agency, right?


This blog post could go on to say: I now embrace a new way of living – ALL YEAR LONG. Look at me go! So carefree!


But it won’t. Because nobody’s perfect, and I’m still learning every single day.


However, what I can tell you is I now have a teeny bit more self-awareness. Even when it’s dark, gloomy and sad outside. This means I am able to quickly identify when my stress is leading my emotions, and I am now able to navigate myself away from my anxieties and into a better place using a few key strategies. *




Below are some of my tips and tricks to give your mind, body and soul that gorgeous Spring clean that it deserves.



Life is so much better when you smile and laugh! For me, I found that actively trying to smile and laugh more each day meant people perceived me as happy. And who doesn’t want to be around a happy person?! It’s not rocket science, but simply smiling and laughing more on a day to day basis attracts the right people around you and therefore has the power to improve your overall mood. Say cheese!


Move ya body

Again, simple yet effective. And there’s a science behind it! When we engage in physical activities, we are more susceptible to happy thoughts, positive energy and an improved temperament. We too often reach for a glass of wine or a bar of chocolate when we feel the need to improve our happiness, but in fact this has a potentially dangerous reverse effect. I spent far too many years unwillingly dragging myself to the gym in an effort to get fit. Now I recognise that being healthy and moving my body is a lifestyle change and it doesn’t have to start and finish at the gym. This concept shifted my way of thinking and I went from resenting exercise in the gym to really enjoying listening to my body and doing what I felt was right for that moment. At the moment, I’m really enjoying swimming!



Oh yes, another meditation app. Insight Timer (https://insighttimer.com/). But stay with me, this one is amazing and it’s FREE. It’s incredible. It connects you with zen people around the world and it makes you feel part of a bigger community that is well and truly peaceful.


Surround yourself with people who want you to succeed and grow

Like most children a lot of my anxieties growing up were about trying to fit into this weird and wonderful world. Figuring myself out vs. trying to fit into a group of friends with all different personalities was a constant struggle and drain on my confidence. As I’ve aged, I’m learning everyday to embrace who I am. In my opinion, remaining authentic and true to yourself is key to happiness and fulfilment. A huge help in this area is surrounding yourself with other people who want to you to succeed in life. Humans are social beings, dependent on trust, common values and beliefs. It’s not always an easy journey finding those people that encourage you to be your best you, but when you find them you’ll never ever let them go!


If you’d like to say hi, or tell me how you like to find your zen during this season change, please feel free to get in touch. I’d love to hear from you! 🙂


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